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Self & Environmental

Angaza Africa

Mentorship and Coaching Org

Angaza Africa is a mentorship and coaching organization aimed at empowering Teenagers, Youth and Adults through a Self Discovering Experiential Learning program and Training that focus on developing and nurturing key skills for Life and Career success.

We meet and walk with you from where you are. Angaza Africa engages Pre-teens, Teenagers and Youth with consideration to their unique needs across the different age groups.

How we make you shine

Our Programs

  • Angaza has over the years become a space for self-discovery for educators and learners whilst having fun by initiating lifelong self and environmental awareness programs.

  • Angaza's approach to all the activities are experimental, fun, memorable and impactful.

  • We work with organizations during staff events to mentor kids through our fun activities and games. We help corporations ensure the children who attend any of their events, at only have fun and are engaged but also learn and discover something new about themselves and the environment around them.


  • Fun:

    Human beings crave fun. It is a basic need for our mental and general well-being. Making learning fun is the first step to gaining buy-in from the learners and at Angaza, we take fun seriously. All our activities revolve around fun learning as when we have fun we want to keep learning and doing.

  • Creativity:

    Knowledge is power and real learning is what remains in us after the lesson is done. Learning should be a lifelong activity that is self-directed and initiated.. At Angaza we inspire and nurture a love for lifelong learning through our self and environmental discovery programs.

  • Problem Solving :

    It's a key element in success and we challenge all learners and teachers who interact with us to come up with a practical solution to their day to day challenges. All our programs inspire creative problem solving at all levels.

  • Discovery:

    We believe that one learns the core elements about themselves and the world around them through fun experiential activities that make them appreciate themselves as well as the world around them. Once you know who you are, you will want better for yourself which will in turn make you want to nurture and protect the environment you live in.

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