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Self & Environmental Awareness

We believe conserving our home ‘Earth’ is a responsibility of each one of us and should be taught as a basic life skill.

At Angaza we are passionate about the environment and we have incorporated the conservation message in our experiential activities with an aim to nurture an environmentally conscious generation.

Our program involve tree planting, hiking, nature excursions, art and craft with recyclable materials. Clients are also engaged in several interactive, fun and adrenaline rush activities which are relevant to the age group and interest.

Our program approached uses a curriculum that looks into the National Geographical learning framework which covers three main categories;

  • The Human Journey

  • Our Changing Planet

  • Exploration and Discovery

1: Angaza Mazingira Club

Kids learn to care for the environment through our interactive learning sessions and activities.

2: Work Skills Development

We provide an avenue for the youth and early career professionals to gain valuable work skills- translating theory into practice as they join the work force.

4: Corporate - Kids Fun and Mentorship

We work with organizations during staff events to mentor kids through our fun activities and games. We help corporations ensure the children who attend any of their events, at only have fun and are engaged but also learn and discover something new about themselves and the environment around them.

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