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  • Address: Ongata Rongai

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Why work with us?

  • Angaza has over the years become a space for self-discovery for educators and learners whilst having fun by initiating lifelong self and environmental awareness programs.

  • We create an avenue for open communication between teachers and their students, parents and kids with a variety of open activities that motivate individuals to realize their potential and their role in the community.

  • We are Knowledgeable, We are Passionate and We Care.

What Makes Us Unique

Angaza's approach to all the activities are experimental, fun, memorable and impactful.

We bring forth the excitement of all nature that has no way out of a learner's mind. He or she will always remember the experience and want more.

  • Key Elements

  • Self Discovering

    It focuses on helping both educators and learners discover their passion and strength and build on that. This enables them to incorporate the lessons learnt in their day to day living and activities as it aligns with their strengths and interests.

  • Fun

    Angaza model uses games and activities to learn. With physical engagement through games and activities, our lessons are memorable and impactful as it's not a boring classroom lesson but rather an interactive learning session, mostly outdoors.

  • Inspires change

    All programs focus on the educators and learners adopting practical activities implementation that sees learning become life long and part of their lives.

Lets partner with you today! Let's partner with you today!